Why Is DreamHost WordPress Slow? – How To Speed Up

DreamHost is a highly popular method of using WordPress to create your website or online platform thanks to its vast range of services!

Not only that, but there is a wide variety of services and comparable features which have been provided to small businesses, blog sites, and more.

Why Is DreamHost WordPress Slow? - How To Speed Up

But sometimes, it can run slow. And in this busy world, who has time to be slowed down by DreamHost WordPress? We all have full schedules and don’t want our days delayed or impacted by DreamHost WordPress running slow. 

We find ourselves wondering, why is DreamHost WordPress slow? And what can we do about it? 

Well, we are here to help! We have a complete guide about why DreamHost WordPress is slow and what you can do about it! Keep reading to find out more and see the approaches you can take to optimize DreamHost WordPress!

Why Is DreamHost WordPress Slow?

Before we can look at speeding up DreamHost WordPress we need to look at the reasons why it is running slow! Here are some of the potential reasons, or factors that can contribute to a slowed performance on the whole. 

Shared Hosting

One of the most frequent reasons why DreamHost WordPress is slow is that most customers are using a shared plan. This is when DreamHost divides small portions of the available resources between customers. 

Sharing the server with other DreamHost customers can limit your website’s performance on the whole. This can be even more frustrating when other customers are experiencing similar issues. 

Location Of Data Center

Another limiting factor when it comes to DreamHost’s performance is the location of the data center.

Because these are based within the US, some customers struggle to access a full range of services. As a result, DreamHost is limited in terms of its appeal to international clients. 

Recent Cyber Attack

Unfortunately, DreamHost was the victim of a cyberattack recently. Hackers made the site max out in terms of its resource limits, which limits the performance of the site as a whole.

Although this has already been resolved, customers with slightly older versions of DreamHost could still experience a limited capacity on the platform. 

Unnecessary Copies

Another thing that can contribute to a slower experience with DreamHost is that the site has been known to make copies of data and information which are not needed.

This can include anything from images that have been used within your site to frequently used phrases. 

Of course, this can slow down a DreamHost site’s performance considerably, so it is important to reduce this in any way possible. 

How Do I Know If DreamHost WordPress Is Slow?

It’s important to understand the different types of speeds that are considered normal for DreamHost WordPress so that you can identify any issues when they arise. Carrying out a basic speed test is recommended.

Likewise, you can use a range of services available online to check the performance of DreamHost WordPress. This allows you to create a baseline for the performance before making any changes. 

Outside of DreamHost, you can make the program a little more likely to run smoothly by removing any unwanted files from your computer. The same can be done with images if the ones you want have been safely backed up elsewhere. 

Speeding Up DreamHost

Speeding Up DreamHost

Once you have figured out that DreamHost is not performing as efficiently as it should be, it is important to make the necessary adjustments. Here are some of the ways that you can create a better overall speed from DreamHost. 


One of the most common reasons why DreamHost may not be running correctly is that you are using an older version of the program.

By upgrading to the most recent version of DreamHost WordPress, you can significantly improve the speed on the whole. 

Even if you think that the application or program you are using is up-to-date, it is worth looking into the different updates that are available. 


Another way that you can make DreamHost perform considerably better is by using a CDN. These are Content Delivery Networks that allow you to access the nearest location for a website.

This can lead to better performance on the whole when it comes to DreamHost WordPress, which is less likely to cause frustration as a result. 

Check For Slow Loading Plugins

If you can identify any plugins that are not being used, you can eliminate them from your setup. You can replace these with more efficient plugins if possible.

Make sure you are doing this correctly, and that you have all of the necessary plugins available. 

Optimize Google Fonts

The fonts that are used can impact the speed at which WordPress functions. Consider the system fonts to make DreamHost work more efficiently.

In general, using fewer fonts and a smaller font family can result in faster loading times. Consider popular fonts such as Arial, Helvetica, Times New Roman, or Calibri. 

Make Images Smaller

Similarly, you can improve the flow of everything within your DreamHost site by changing the image size. This does not have to be a drastic change, but by slightly decreasing the image size, the entire program is more likely to run smoother. 

Clear Any Unnecessary Data

Another method is known as removing junk or getting rid of unnecessary data. It’s no secret that this can help to improve the efficiency and overall speed of your website.

Make sure you are using the right method or plugin to carry out this task successfully without removing any data that is essential to your site. 

Change To A Fast Theme

In a similar way that images can take up a lot of space on a site, the theme of a site can have the same effect. Different themes can take up slightly different amounts of data and space.

In turn, these can impact the overall processing and running speed of your DreamHost WordPress site. 

Consider the different types of themes and the amount of data that each one consumes. These should be used to influence any changes made. 

Reduce External HTTP Requests

Some websites receive many external HTTP requests, which can impact their performance as a result. The more of these that your site has, the longer it will take to load.

To avoid this from impacting the overall speed of your website, it is worth disabling this feature.

This can be done by carefully checking each of the plugins to see if any of these are responsible for these requests. Then, these can be removed if they are not needed to disable the need for external HTTP requests.  


There are a range of factors that can affect the overall performance of your website using DreamHost WordPress. Consider the different variables involved with the process and the role that the program updates, as well as plugins, can play. 

Using DreamHost WordPress to create your website can be done in several ways. These vary depending on the type of function that is required. Because of this, there are several reasons why the program could be slower than it usually is. 

It is worth carrying out basic troubleshooting checks to maximize efficiency within your site.

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