About Us

Have you ever started writing a blog, only to find out that it’s much harder than you expected? A common misconception is that creating a blog is easy when there’s actually a lot that goes into it - if you want a good one, that is. 

Hi, my name is Ollie Wilson and I have been a keen blogger since I was a young teen. I was growing up with the rise of YouTube and bloggers, and the people I followed influenced me to start blogging. They were making a lot of money from their blogs, and I wanted that too!

My first blog was about life as a pre-teen and, as you can imagine, it didn’t get many hits. It was the most basic blog you’ve ever seen, with a white background and black text without pictures. It looked like an online essay that was written very poorly. 

Once I realized that I wasn’t making any money from my blog, the passion slowly fizzled out. 

That was until we learned about blogs and blog writing in computer class. We were challenged with creating a blog, but this time I was taught how to customize every single aspect of it to make it stand out. 

My eyes had been opened. I spent hours making this one blog, this time about books. I was a keen reader so I reviewed each book for the site. Surprisingly, I started getting more hits with each review I posted. 

I’ve now had this blog for almost a decade. In that time, I’ve learned how to monetize it to start earning money, which servers are the best for each blog type, and how to optimize your domains. 

I’m currently running three blogs, all with vastly different looks and themes, all doing very well with their audience. 

Now it’s time to share my knowledge and help others create their own successful blogs, just like I wish I had when I was creating my first blog. It can be daunting when you first set up your site, but with my advice you’ll have a great looking blog in no time. Let’s get started!