How To Start A Niche Blog (And Why You Should)

Blogging is one of the most popular pastimes for many who wish to share their thoughts and feelings with the world.

There seems to be a blog for everything, with one quick Google search directing us to thousands of different blogs relevant to our interests.

How To Start A Niche Blog (And Why You Should)

Two different kinds of blogs exist on the internet, the lifestyle blog, and the niche blog. The lifestyle blog makes it far more difficult to gain a following, as they cover so many different topics they can become generic.

The niche blog, on the other hand, allows you to hone in on one particular topic or theme, allowing you to build a greater connection with your readers.

If you’ve been wondering about how to get started on your niche blog journey, we’ve got you covered.

Why Should I Start A Niche Blog?

If you aren’t sold on the benefits of writing a niche blog, there are a few things to consider.

Writing a blog is meant to serve the purpose of sharing your thoughts and ideas, whatever they may be, right? Well… the truth is that your readers aren’t going to be interested in everything that you have to say.

Splurging out all of your emotions and describing all of the smallest details relating to a particular story may work well in captivating your friend’s attention over brunch and cocktails, but for an online readership, not so much.

If you want to build a deeper connection with an online audience, you need to talk about the things that they care about too.

The fact is if you find and choose one topic to stick to that interests you, it is a guarantee that most of the posts you make regarding that topic will interest your readers too.

Those who will be scouring the internet for a blog relating to their interests will find yours amongst all the muddle of semi-relevant lifestyle blogs.

What Exactly Is A Niche Blog?

So, to answer this question simply, a niche blog is a blog which is focused on one particular theme or idea. For example, an embroidery blog.

This particular kind of blog could go on to discuss a wealth of different topics related to the art of embroidery. Some possible titles may include:

  • How to get started on your embroidery journey
  • What is the best kind of fabric to use for embroidery
  • Different floral embroidery patterns to try
  • Stitches for beginners

A niche blog is your opportunity to share your thoughts and knowledge on a particular topic with your readers.

Instead of a chaotic information dump, you harness your specific thoughts and skills to reach your target audience more profoundly.

How To Get Started On Your Niche Blog Journey

How To Start A Niche Blog

1. Identify Your Passion

Probably the most difficult step in your journey of creating the perfect niche blog is identifying what you want to write about.

The biggest tip is to not choose your topic based on what pays the most money, but rather, write about something which captivates your interest.

Some questions you can ask yourself before starting your blog are:

  • Where do my skills lie?
  • What am I most passionate about?
  • Am I knowledgeable enough about my topic?

You have to remember that you are going to be writing about your chosen topic frequently, so you have to care about it enough to not get bored and give up.

Take care to choose a topic that you think might also interest others, so that you’re not just screaming into the void.

Although money is not the most important goal, it does need to be considered if you want your blog to be profitable.

You can identify how well a particular subject is doing by taking a look at a few tabs with popular blogs in your niche. Things to look out for to see if the blog is profitable include:

  • Advertisements
  • Product links
  • Bloggers selling their own products or knowledge

All of these things should be taken into consideration before you get started.

2. Conduct Some Keyword Research

In order to make your blog as successful as possible, you need to conduct your research. There are multiple ways to do this, including just searching your keyword in the Google search bar, and taking a look at some questions people have asked regarding your topic.

After searching, you will find even more questions lower down on the page, under the ‘people also ask’ section. All of these questions will make excellent titles for your blog posts in the future.

To make your life even easier, you can download several SEO tools to help you conduct that all-important keyword research.

3. Choose A Platform For Your Blog

There are so many different blogging platforms to choose from, but the main thing you need to consider is if you want to use a free or subscription-based blogging platform.

Although choosing a free blogging platform may sound preferable, there are many drawbacks, including a lack of control over the blog, no customized email addresses and low ranking on search engines.

If you have the money and are serious about starting your blog, we would recommend downloading WordPress, it’s secure, reliable and easy to use.

4. Choose A Theme

You can’t start your blog until you’ve designed it to fit your particular style and the topic you’re writing about.

The theme of your blog is important as it is one of the main things that draws readers in. WordPress has a wealth of different themes and styles to choose from when creating your blog.

The best advice we can give here is to make sure you don’t pick a cluttered theme, as it will distract the reader from the content. Keep it simple and stylish!

5. Choose A Domain Name

When choosing your domain name, firstly, you need to make sure that it contains a keyword. You will have already identified some keywords from your research earlier.

In addition, be sure to use a domain extension which ends in .com, this will make it memorable for your audience.

6. Start Writing

You can take all of the steps above and have the perfect blog idea in mind, but it all means nothing if you’re not actually writing the content.

Even if you are not a natural-born writer, or do not consider yourself particularly eloquent, simply getting into the swing of writing itself will see you make massive improvements.

After you have finished writing, make sure that you are publishing those articles. Studies have shown that it makes no difference whether you are publishing the content one post at a time, or publishing a wealth of posts simultaneously.

It doesn’t matter! As long as you are getting your content out there, you can get started on your journey.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a niche blog topic is essential if you want to build a connection with your audience. It is an opportunity for you to share your knowledge and unique thoughts about a topic.

If you can identify a topic that interests you, whilst also choosing one which is profitable, you’re on to a winner!

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