Best Form Plugins For WordPress

Do you wish to easily construct a form with WordPress to gather the information of your website visitors?

Best Form Plugins For WordPress

The addition of a contact form to your website may be an excellent way to improve the user experience and bring in new leads for your company. It is also very useful in finding out what people want from your site. 

People who are not very familiar with coding may find that the process of designing a form is laborious, time-consuming, and difficult.

The use of a WordPress plugin for its form functionality is beneficial, and a much easier way than trying to make a form yourself. 

There are an endless number of form plugins for WordPress out there, with each plugin offering different services or features, as well as many of them coming in at different price points.

Here are the very best WordPress form plugins to use on your website. 


The most effective and intuitive WordPress form builder is WPForms, and it was developed by Automattic.

It was designed to serve a diverse group of customers.

You can create an unlimited number of forms, which may include contact, registration, login, order, and other forms that are one of a kind.

Because it makes use of a visual builder rather than one that requires you to write code, it is very easy to customize:

When it comes to plugins that may be used to generate forms for WordPress, WPForms stands head and shoulders above the other options.

WPForms comes with a widget that allows users to quickly and easily add forms to pages, blogs, and sidebars with the click of a button. 

You also have the option to save your form entries as CSV or Excel files, making it simple to manage your leads and subscribers even when you are not connected to the internet.

You also have the option of importing your comprehensive list into several other programs.

The development of WPForms is primarily focused on making the software as easy to use as possible.

It is compatible with every well-known WordPress theme and comes packed with powerful features and add-ons that may increase its ability to function with any sort of website, including eCommerce businesses.

WPForms is backed by a reliable customer service team, and it offers a substantial quantity of documentation in addition to step-by-step instructions to aid you in making the most of the plugin.

The WPForms Lite plugin for WordPress is available at no cost and includes all of the fundamental contact form capabilities that you will require to get started.

A straightforward contact form, standard form fields, email notifications, a thank-you page for form confirmation, and even a captcha to avoid spam are all included in these tools. 

WPForms Lite is an amazing option to consider selecting if you are seeking a free form plugin that is compatible with WordPress.

The premium edition of this WordPress plugin for creating forms gives users access to a wide variety of different types of forms.

Forms such as surveys, file upload forms, order forms with payment, post submissions, user registration, and much more are included in these forms.

Here are some more of the many benefits of this plugin:

  • The availability of pre-built contact form templates makes it even simpler to create contact forms of any complexity, even basic ones.

  • Using the simple drag-and-drop interface, you can quickly and simply customize your forms to meet your specific needs.

  • Multiple-paged forms are intended to improve the quality of the user experience.

  • You may use complex conditional logic to display or hide specific form fields or sections depending on the actions taken by the user. This functionality is available to you.

  • You can display the user’s location information by utilizing the geolocation data provided by other people

  • You may still gather email addresses from visitors to your website through the use of abandoned forms, even if they do not complete the form.

  • It is simple to construct surveys and assess user replies right from the dashboard of your WordPress site thanks to the Polls and Surveys functionality, which is included with WordPress.

  • Build your WordPress forms with AJAX so that when they are submitted, the corresponding page does not need to be refreshed.

  • WPForms has more than 2 million active installs and a fervently loyal following. Payment connections with PayPal, Authorize.Net, or Stripe may connect to more than 2000 CRM, marketing, and web apps through the Zapier interface. WPForms now has more than 2 million installations that are being actively used.


The HubSpot for WordPress plugin is an all-in-one marketing solution that can be used for free and has a variety of functions, such as a form builder, live chat, analytics, and email. 

This plugin also enables you to combine the HubSpot CRM with WordPress, which helps you to easily organize and categorize the contacts that you have gathered into various categories. 

You can do this by logging into WordPress and navigating to the Settings > Integrations > HubSpot CRM.

These are some more important qualities as well as benefits of HubSpot:

  • The intuitive user interface makes it possible to create forms rapidly and with little effort.

  • You have the option of beginning with a design template that has already been created, or you may develop your very own from scratch.

  • Utilize as many as a thousand different fields, each of which might be of a different type.

  • The look of forms may be altered to be consistent with the aesthetic of your website.
  • Set up the system such that it will automatically send emails and notifications based on the submissions that are made to the form.

  • When HubSpot’s customer relationship management system is integrated, form submissions may be managed as contacts.

  • More than 800 distinct connections are now available through HubSpot (including OptinMonster)

  • Even if HubSpot’s form builder is outstanding, the platform’s main worth resides in the CRM capabilities and the many integrations it provides. These aspects make up the platform’s genuine value.

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms

The visual form editor Gravity Forms is packed with a wide variety of capabilities, including the ability to save and resume work in progress, limited form entry fields, and multiple-page forms. 

It is often considered to be one of the most powerful form builders for WordPress because it possesses several advanced features (specifically for developers).

Even though Gravity Forms does not provide a free WordPress form plugin, you shouldn’t allow the price to prevent you from using it if you want to use it on more than one website at a time.

This is especially true if you want to apply it on a business website.

These are some of the many excellent features that you can expect with this plugin:

  • Using the visual form editor, you can develop and create your WordPress forms in real-time.

  • Utilize conditional logic to ascertain, based on the choices made by the user, which form fields, sections, pages, or the submit button should be shown and which should be concealed.

  • Include upload fields, so users may submit files or images, and save time by avoiding the need to go back and forth later to get critical files. 
  • Make it feasible for users to save their progress in filling out forms and return to them at a later time to finish them.

  • User-generated content can be created using WordPress’s front-end forms that make new posts. This type of material comes from the users themselves.

Caldera Forms

Caldera Forms is a user-friendly drag-and-drop form builder that can be downloaded for free as a plugin and comes with a huge number of user-friendly extensions that are also accessible for free.

Here are a few benefits:

  • The Plugin is available at no cost that includes an impressively large number of additional functions.

  • There are many various kinds of fields available to aid you in acquiring the information you want, such as calculation fields, dropdown menus, radio button fields, and file upload fields.

  • By creating a unique search form for WordPress, you will be able to search users, categories, tags, custom post types, and custom fields.

Although it is one of the most popular plugins for WordPress forms, the free version does not get a lot of support from the developer. In addition, extensions for the Caldera Forms plugin can be rather expensive. 

Formidable Pro

In addition to its intuitive drag-and-drop user interface, the contact form builder Formidable Forms provides users with a comprehensive set of options for personalizing their forms.

With the help of this WordPress plugin for forms, you’ll be able to create more complex forms, including profile forms, registration forms, payment forms, surveys, quizzes, and a great deal more.

This plugin allows you to:

  • Lookup fields that go down the form in a cascading fashion, with each one altering its presentation of available possibilities based on the selection made in the field that came before it.

  • When utilizing data that is automatically computed, it is considerably easier to provide online estimates, compute product possibilities, or show interest or repayment calculators. 

  • The process of filling out forms manually may be automated, which will save time and increase conversion rates.

  • Make use of conditional logic so that questions can be shown or hidden depending on what the user does. The usage of conditional redirection is a helpful technique for sending submission response notifications to the relevant people in a group or organization.

Due to the focus of the Formidable Forms form builder on more experienced users and developers, the WPForms form builder is more user-friendly than the Formidable Forms form builder.

This WordPress form solution has the best scope for development in the future.

You are free to put it to use in the construction of form-focused solutions such as star ratings, management systems, event calendars, job board listings, directories, and a range of other rating systems, among other rating systems.

Because it incorporates all of these capabilities in addition to others, Formidable Forms is widely considered to be one of the best form builders for WordPress.

Caldera Forms

Ninja Forms

The fairly fundamental form builder that Ninja Forms offers may be enhanced with the functionality that a user demands with the assistance of addons. These addons can be downloaded from the Ninja Forms website. 

The WordPress plugin repository offers a plugin that can be downloaded free of charge and serves as a contact form for users.

You get a lot of benefits with this plugin, including:

  • A WordPress-compatible form builder that is intuitive to work with and includes all of the necessary functionality

  • A large number of add-ons make it possible to personalize the functionality of the plugin, providing users the chance to acquire just the features that they find useful.

  • You can remain on top of your marketing operations by quickly connecting many platforms, such as MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, and AWeber. These are just some of the platforms that may help you.

Even though Ninja Forms’ basic plugin is free to use, the cost of Ninja Forms is comparable to that of WPForms and Formidable Forms when just two of the plugin’s extensions are purchased.

Form Maker by 10Web

10Web’s Form Maker is a plugin for creating drag-and-drop forms that were developed by 10Web.

It has a user interface that is easy to understand. Although the core plugin is available for free, you are only allowed to make use of a total of seven different form fields.

These are some key features:

  • Because there is no limit to the number of different field types, it is straightforward to retrieve the specific data that you want.

  • You have the option to put the form on your WordPress website in one of four alternative display settings—embedded, pop-up, scroll box, or top bar—to ensure that it will perform its intended functions in the most efficient manner possible.

  • Utilize the custom CSS editor to provide WordPress forms with more aesthetic options and to guarantee that they are a great match for the identity of your organization.

  • You’ll have the ability to swiftly and easily register users on your website when you make use of the User Registration extension.

People who are just starting or who don’t have much knowledge of HTML and CSS may find Form Maker to be too complex to use.

Therefore, if you have some level of technical expertise and are looking for a better choice, this WordPress form plugin can be the one for you.

Why Should I Use A WordPress Form?

When you include a form on your WordPress website, you immediately have the opportunity to gain benefits that will help both you and your customers/visitors to your site. 

The following are the three most important advantages of employing forms created with WordPress:

  • Improve the overall quality of the user experience – using these forms makes it straightforward for customers to get in touch with you immediately if they have any inquiries. By utilizing contact forms, you give them the simplest option possible for receiving answers to any questions they may have.

  • Grow your customer base – whenever a visitor uses your form in the proper method, their email address has the potential to be added to your email service provider (ESP)

  • Boost sales – even when the size of your mailing list grows, you can maintain the relationship with your customers by employing some of the most effective strategies for email marketing. This converts the freshly obtained lead into a client that is loyal to your brand and lucrative for as long as they do business with you.

You may be wondering whether it would be simpler to just post your email address on your contact page.

Although it is conceivable that this option might be less challenging, this is not the best option for you.

Why? Because doing so would leave your mailbox open to being flooded with SPAM and other unwanted messages.

There are several spambots whose only function is to collect email addresses from various websites.

If you post your email address on your website in a way that makes it simple for spambots to harvest it, then those spambots will be able to access the email inbox that you have.

Utilizing a plugin designed specifically for the form functionality of WordPress is an easy way to solve this problem.

The vast majority of these options come with a filter that may help protect your website (as well as your email account) from being accessed by spambots.

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