Best WordPress Calendar Plugins

WordPress is well known for its collection of plugins and it is only natural to want to ensure that you’re choosing the best plugin for your website. There are many different plugins that provide you with essential event management and booking features.

Best WordPress Calendar Plugins

Whether you’re looking to display any upcoming events on your site, or you’re hoping to add a booking option, there are many different plugins to consider.

You want to ensure that you are getting everything you need from the plugin, without having to worry about any impact this might have on site speed or security. 

Read on for the best WordPress calendar plugins that you can add to your website.

Sugar Calendar

Sugar calendar is a great plugin, as it has lots of fantastic features and it is very easy to use. Sugar calendar does not match up to some other plugins in terms of features, but it is not trying to do this. Instead, it is trying to keep it simple, cheap and useful. 

If you choose this plugin, you will get plenty of great features. You will be blessed with a simple, easy to use interface which integrates perfectly with your WordPress site.

You will have the ability to create one off events, as well as recurring events that can happen daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

Whether you are planning conferences or meetings, this is a great feature which will help you to make your site professional and informative.

You will also have the opportunity to organize your events into categories, allowing your users ease of use. As well as this, this plugin will allow you to sell tickets to your events on your site.

This feature sets this plugin aside from the others, as it allows you to manage the ticket sales for your event and store details about those who have purchased tickets. 

Another important feature of the sugar calendar plugin is its ability to integrate with things such as Google Calendar, meaning you can pull the events across from your personal calendar.

As well as this, you can integrate this plugin with other plugins, such as WPForms. You can also take payments easily as it is able to integrate with payment plugins.

In my opinion, Sugar Calendar offers the perfect balance between abundance of features and ease of use. 


  • Ease of use. Considering the amount of features that are available, the interface of this plugin is very easy to use. 
  • Integrates well. This plugin integrates well with other plugins, including WPForms and payment plugins.


  • Features. This plugin doesn’t contain as many features as some other available plugins. 


EventOn is a great calendar plugin and it makes for a great addition to your WordPress site. This plugin has a huge range of features and it also allows you to control the appearance of your site when you are adding these events in.

It has an easy to use interface, allowing you to make the most of the features it provides. 

The thing that sets this plugin aside from others of its kind are the features that allow you to control the appearance of your site.

You can assign a different color to each event which means that your users can easily find the events that they are interested in.

You can also match your themes to your events page, meaning that you can keep your site’s theme running throughout the whole site. This is great for your brand.

This plugin also allows you to integrate your events page with Google Maps locations, allowing your users to easily navigate the location of your events. You can also easily add images to your site. 


  • Functionality. You can add things such as maps and images to your events, allowing for extra functionality. 
  • In Keeping. You can match your themes to your events page, allowing you to keep your site’s theme running through the plugin. 


  • No free options. All of the functions on this plugin cost, although they are very reasonably priced. 

Events Calendar

events calendar

This plugin is very rich in features. It allows you to manage your events and venues very easily, allowing you to add the location of your events to your site on Google Maps.

This plugin allows you to have a very easily viewed calendar grid that displays all of your upcoming events in a visible way.

You can choose between a list view, day by day view and grid view. This is a great feature that gives you control over the way that these events are displayed on your site. 

This plugin allows you to add your events into different categories. You can add tags to these events, too. If you opt for the premium version of this plugin, you can add recurring events and location searches.

The free version of this plugin has an abundance of features and, if you don’t need any of the premium features, the free version has a lot to offer! 

The user interface is fairly easy to use, but some users have reported it being slightly more difficult than some other plugins. While it may fall slightly behind when it comes to ease of use, it makes up for this in the features it provides. 


  • Free. This plugin has a free option which has many great features. It might be enough for your site! 
  • Features. This plugin has many different features. Even more are available if you opt for the premium version of the plugin. 


  • Interface. The interface on this site is not as easy to use as some others. 

Events Schedule

One of the best Calendar plugins available is Events Schedule. It is very easy to use and it allows you to book sessions and present events very easily.

This plugin gives you a unique opportunity to select from 12 different styles of presenting the events. There are blog post styles if you wish to add classes to the events schedule.

For instance, if you are running yoga classes, there is an option for you to add different instructor names to the events so that your users know exactly what they are booking. 

Events Schedule is simple and does not have many complicated features. It is aimed at WordPress users who are not technical due to its ease of use. 

This calendar plugin can be integrated with lots of other plugins, including WooCommerce. This plugin is SEO friendly and it gives you the opportunity to add in events that can be repeated.

It is also very fast and will not affect the speed of your site, which is a very important feature that some calendar plugins lack. You can also add images to your events.

This plugin also has a translation option, meaning your users can translate the events into their own language. 

You will be able to get up and running very easily with this plugin because it comes with customer support. There are also two different subscription options, giving you the opportunity to choose the amount or complexity of features that you want. 


  • Translation option. This site has an option to translate the events into other languages. 
  • Fast. This plugin won’t affect the speed of your site or the loading time. 


  • Features. This plugin doesn’t have many complicated features, keeping it quite simple. 

My Calendar

My Calendar is a great plug-in that is known for the great available features. This plugin is very customizable, meaning it won’t interfere with the way your brand is presented on your site.

You can easily ensure that it fits in with the themes. This plugin gives you the option to categorize the events, which is great if you have lots of different events. 

However, while there are lots of great features, this plugin is quite difficult to use in comparison to other plugins of its kind.

This could be a big drawback if you are not too technology savvy, and it makes it a lot less suitable for those who aren’t great with technology. 

My Calendar does come with a free version, however, if you would like more features, there is also a paid version. You should have a look at the different features available on each of these subscription options to see which one is best for your site. 


  • Free and premium versions. This means that you can choose which one best suits your site. 
  • Customization. This plugin allows you to customize your site. 


  • Difficult to use. This plugin is hard to use and it might not be for those who are not very good with technology.

All-In-One Events Calendar

This is a great plugin for your site. It has lots of great features that other plugins lack. This plugin is great for bringing together everything that you want from a calendar plugin all in one place.

It means that you don’t have to download more than one plugin for this purpose. 

The features available on this plugin are great. You can add categories and tags to your events for easier management and to allow your users to easily find the events.

This plugin gives you the option to pay for a premium version, or you can opt for the free plugin.

All-In-One plugin lacks the option to sell tickets on your site. If you are looking to do this, then this plugin may not be the best option for you. However, if you are simply looking to promote your events, it may suffice. 


  • All-in-one. This calendar plugin brings together everything that you want from a calendar plugin all in one place. 
  • Free and premium versions available. You can opt for either version depending on what you are looking for from the plugin.


  • No option to sell tickets. This plugin doesn’t give you this option, so if you are looking to sell tickets to events on your site, you may want to opt for a different calendar plugin.

Buyers Guide

All-In-One Events Calendar


There are many different features which you should look for when you are choosing your calendar plugin. These include: 

  • Ability to integrate with Google Maps to help your users find the location of your event. 

  • Customization is very important when it comes to your calendar plugin. Your site is usually very brand orientated and so you need to be downloading plugins that can be used in conjunction with the way you want your site to look. You don’t want the events section to look out of place in comparison to the rest of your site. 

  • You want the ability to create one off events, as well as recurring events. You may want to add events that happen every week, month or year. 

  • The ability to organize your events into categories and to add tags to your events is also a great feature that you may want to consider. This allows your users to easily filter through the events, finding the ones that apply to them. 

  • The ability to integrate your plugins with other plugins is very important. You may want to sell tickets through the site, meaning you will need to have the ability to take payments via your site. 

Ease Of Use

Ease of use is very important as you want to be able to make the most out of your site and the plugins that you choose. Some plugins have much easier interfaces which suit those that are not very tech savvy more than other plugins.

None of the plugins listed are impossible to use, however, some of them are much easier than others and this is important to consider when you are choosing the best one for your site. 


It is very important to consider whether your plugin will have an effect on the speed of your site.

Noone will wait very long for a website to load, and so it is important that when you are adding plugins to your WordPress, that you are sure that this plugin will run smoothly along with the running of your site.

Make sure you are not compromising on speed as this could be a reason that your site loses popularity!


Pricing is very important when it comes to choosing your plugin. If you want some simple calendar features, you should opt for a free plugin, as there isn’t much point in paying for features that you can get for free.

However, if you are looking for some more complicated features, then you may want to consider a paid subscription or a premium plugin. Make sure that you are getting everything that you want from the plugin, whether you opt for a paid or a free version. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Plugin

WordPress plugins are downloadable additions to your WordPress site. They can make your site much more interactive and allow you to add things to your site without having to know how to code.

You can add lots of different features to your site using plugins. WordPress is well known for the huge variety of plugins that they have to offer, and this is something that sets them apart from other website creation sites that act as WordPress’ competitors.

What Types Of Plugins Are Available For WordPress?

If there’s something you want to add to your site, the chances are there’s a plugin for it available!

WordPress have been around the block a few times and so they have encountered everything there is to encounter in terms of adding to your WordPress sites.

Whether it’s links to social media, plugins to aid making payments on your site or plugins that add form options to your site, there are hundreds available! 

What Is The Best WordPress Plugin For Sharing Upcoming Events?

Plenty of WordPress plugins can help you to share upcoming events.

Depending on how you would like them to be displayed, or whether you would like this plugin to provide other features too, you may want to opt for certain plugins.

Can WordPress Plugins Have Viruses? 

WordPress plugins can contain viruses, especially the ones that you can get free versions of. It is important that you research the plugins and choose ones that are reputable.

Ensure that the plugin is updated to the latest version, and that the latest version of the plugin is recent. Older versions are much more likely to experience attacks.

You should have antivirus software installed on your computer anyway, so ensure that you scan the new plugins with these softwares to make sure that your antivirus software deems them safe. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many different calendar plugins available for your WordPress site, and each have their own pros and cons.

It is very important to consider all of these options, and to have a think about what exactly you are looking for in an event organising plugin!

Now you have all the information you need about the top calendar plugins, you can make an informed decision about which one is right for you.

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