VPS Hosting Vs AWS: Features, Cost, Comparison

Everyone wants a hosting server that is fast and effective, but finding that hosting server is easier said than done. 

VPS Hosting Vs AWS Features, Cost, Comparison

If you are torn between using VPS or AWS, then this is the place for you. We are going to be comparing the two together to see which one comes out on top – and which one you should go with as your hosting server. 

So, check out the information below to find out which is better, VPS or AWS? 

The Importance Of Hosting 

If you are new to digital business, then you are probably wondering – does it really matter? A web host is a web host, how different can these two be and is it really that important? 

The truth is that a good web server can completely change the game when it comes to the success of your online business. 

Web servers play an important role as they receive all of your website’s details and information, including its files and scripts. Without it, you will not be able to get your website on the internet and receive visitors.

As a result, there are tons of servers out there that come in all different shapes and sizes. This allows them to host from anywhere around the world and each host thousands of websites simultaneously. 

However, not all web servers are made equally. 

Some utilize new technologies to help them allow for higher bandwidths and stronger, faster connections. This makes them more reliable than some other servers due to their benefits. 

The impact these stronger, faster servers have on your business’s success is huge. If a website takes too long to load, then most visitors will quickly exit and find somewhere else to browse.

The same thing happens if their connection keeps dropping or slowing down – your visitors will quickly abandon your website and know not to return.

This can have a serious negative impact on your revenue and your business’s success – so you need to get a good hosting server to prevent this. 

Two such web hosting methods that are super popular for these reasons are VPS and AWS. These are often the two hosting servers which most businesses choose to go with – but what are the differences between them, and is one really better than the other? 

VPS Review

Virtual Private Server (shortened to VPS) is a service that is used as a single, standalone server that is dedicated to one site. It utilizes cloud technology and virtualization, and is stored within one physical server.

So, a physical server is made up of lots of VPS but each VPS acts as a smaller server. 

The reason why VPS was invented was because it was not practical for every single business to have their own server machines.

Servers are expensive to run and maintain, thus lots of smaller businesses and people who wanted to run their websites could not afford to do so due to server costs. 

As a result, VPS was born – a way to own a ‘slot’ in a larger, more powerful server machine to help reduce costs and hand off the maintenance to a third party.

Functionality wise, a VPS runs the exact same way an individual web server would but instead it is a part of a larger machine. 

This results in unlimited bandwidth, reliable connections, and plenty of resources at your fingertips. Because each VPS is private, your connection and speed will not be affected by other websites even though you are all sharing the same machine.

If someone else’s websites are hit by a ton of requests that slows it down, yours will not be affected! 

As a result, VPS (see also ‘Complete Guide To VPS Vs VPN – Which Is Right For Me‘) are more affordable for smaller businesses without compromising on the reliability and power that comes with your own unique server. You can even customize your VPS any way you want – it’s yours! 

Due to this popularity and demand for VPS servers, there are many different types. Some popular ones include Windows VPS and Linux VPS – but they both function in the same way with all the benefits that come with using a VPS.

Many larger websites and intensive web applications use these kinds of servers to host their websites, just proving how reliable this method of web hosting is.

AWS Review

Another popular method for online hosting is using AWS. 

AWS stands for Amazon Web Service and, although it works just as well as a VPS, it functions a little differently. 

AWS has access to unlimited resources as it uses a virtual private cloud for configuration. This means that there is no limit on the resources available to you – so you can use your AWS to make a massive website that attracts tons of traffic.

This allows for processing speeds to remain high without slowing down your website. 

Everything is stored in one place with no physical location. This improves the reliability and safety of your website, and also allows you to access your website’s resources on demand. It’s an efficient way to host your website, plus it’s super reliable. 

Another highly acclaimed feature of AWS is its flexibility. If there is an issue with one computer, then everything can be easily transferred over to another to help keep your website up and running no matter what. 

However, there is no split cost with AWS like there is with VPS, meaning that you will end up shouldering much of the bill. 

VPS Vs AWS: Which One Is Better?

Both VPS and AWS have a lot of advantages to their name. Both are reliable, fast, and powerful ways to host your website even though they function a little differently. 

VPS Hosting Vs AWS Features, Cost, Comparison (1)

While VPS relies on a shared, physical machine, AWS stores everything up in cloud technology which allows for unlimited resources to keep massively huge websites running without issue.

It may be more expensive but it’s also the better maintained of the two and better suited for businesses with hugely popular websites. 

On the other hand, VPS is far more affordable and suitable for smaller businesses. Although unlimited bandwidth is a great feature VPS boasts, it doesn’t have the kind of processing resources that AWS can offer.

This is why most larger companies take their websites to an AWS server once it begins to struggle on a VPS. 

So, which one is better all depends on your situation.

Smaller businesses are better suited for a VPS because it’s more affordable with all the pros, while larger companies are better off using AWS because of its reliability and unlimited processing resources. 

Overall, both are great methods of web hosting and it’s easy to see why they are the two most popular methods chosen by online businesses – but which one is better suited to you all comes down to the finer details of your company. 

Final Thoughts

It’s important that you get a good server for your website, but choosing between a VPS and AWS can be difficult.

We recommend that you opt for a VPS until your business grows to a size where an AWS would help improve its functionality and you can afford the costs that come with this type of web host. 

However, both options are still great due to their speed and reliability, but factors such as cost and unlimited resources are the two deciding ones that make some businesses better suited for an AWS than a VPS. 

So, think about what your business needs before dedicating it to one of these web hosting services.

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