AI To Write Blog Posts? (Pros And Cons Of AI Content Writing)

If you are thinking of setting up a blog, then you will know that you have to create a lot of content in order for your blog to be successful.

AI To Write Blog Posts? (Pros And Cons Of AI Content Writing)

When you start a blog from scratch, creating the sheer amount of content that that site requires can be extremely daunting.

Even if the blog that you are setting up is something that you are passionate about. 

If you are active in the blogging community, then you will probably have heard about AI content writing.

This is something that many people have invested money into in recent years, and it is something that a number of website owners are beginning to use to create content. 

But what is AI content writing, and is it actually a good idea to use AI to write blog posts?

In this guide, we’ll be taking a look at the pros and cons of content writing. So keep on reading to find out more! 

What Is AI Content Writing?

First things first, let’s take a look at what AI content writing is. Well, it is actually all in the name.

As the name suggests, AI content writing is content writing that is completed by AI technology.

So essentially, when you use AI content writing software, you will be paying for content that is written by AI technology. 

AI technology is something that confuses a lot of people. AI stands for artificial intelligence, and it is essentially just machine-generated.

So, AI content writing will be content that is written using AI technology, which gets the information by scanning other sources on the internet (a.k.a. your competitors), and replicating what already exists.

The quality of the content that is produced will depend on the AI tool that you choose. 

There are a number of different AI content writing software tools that essentially just spin content.

So, these tools will take exactly what another site has written and rewrite it in different words. 

There are also some more advanced AI content writing tools that will combine information from multiple sources, creating content that is totally unique (and better) than what your competitors are doing.

The quality of content that the AI produces is often closely linked to the amount that you are paying for the service. 

Some Of The Best AI Content Writing Tools Available

If you are thinking of investing in AI content writing, then you probably want to know which services are the best.

So, let’s take a brief look at some of the best AI content writing tools available. 

Jasper AI

Jasper AI boldly states that they are the future of content writing, and they do actually have the services to back this up.

Jasper AI is able to produce extremely high quality content no matter the purpose of your site.

Whether you want plain copywriting, SEO content, or sales content, Jasper AI can produce this for you.

This is why they are one of the best in the business. 

Rytr AI

Another outstanding option is Rytr AI. This software is well loved by industry experts because it can be used to produce lots of different types of content.

Just like Jasper AI, it is able to produce high quality content in just a couple of minutes, which is why so many people are happy to pay for it. 

How Does AI Content Writing Work?

AI To Write Blog Posts? (Pros And Cons Of AI Content Writing)

Now that we have taken a look at some of the best AI content writing tools out there, let’s take a look at exactly how this works.

Well the exact way in which an AI content writing tool will work depends on the specific tool that you are using.

This is because some AI content tools are entirely automated, while others are partly written by AI, and partly by actual content writers. 

Essentially, AI technology has been trained to scour the internet for information relevant to the topic of the title or keyword (KW) that you are writing about.

The algorithm that is implemented to do this will also be designed to identify sentence structure, syntax, and the information too.

Once it has identified this, the technology will then use the information that it has understood and learned, to rewrite the content that it was researching. 

Cheaper AI technology will simply do this. It won’t add anything to the content, it will simply spin exactly what it has found on the internet.

More expensive AI technology will look for ways to improve the existing content, and will actively add value to the information that already exists on the internet. 

If you are using AI content writing for a blog that you plan to personally write for in the future, it is definitely worth investing in more expensive technology, simply because it tends to produce better results.

Pros Of AI Content Writing

First, let’s take a look at the pros of AI content writing. There are actually quite a few, so let’s dive right in. 

It Is Quick And Efficient

The main selling point to AI content writing is that it is quick and efficient.

Objectively, AI content writing technology is able to produce a significant amount of content in comparison to a person writing content.

AI content writing is able to efficiently produce a huge amount of content in just a couple of minutes.

No content writer will ever be able to produce the sheer volume of content that AI technology can in the same period of time.

Reduces Research Time

AI content writing isn’t only helpful for producing content, it is also extremely helpful when it comes to researching.

As we have mentioned, there are a couple of different AI content writing software programs that allow for collaboration between the AI and the content writer.

These programs are excellent for reducing the often lengthy research process that comes with writing copy.

Allowing the writer to produce a larger amount of quality content. 

Allows Editing Time

Finally, one of the best things about AI content writing is that it creates time for editing content.

Often, when you are writing your own content, you will end up missing typos and grammatical errors simply because you are too tired to spot them, or you simply don’t have the time.

As AI content writing technology reduces the writing time, it gives you time to edit the content and spot these mistakes.

Cons Of AI Content Writing

Finally, let’s take a quick look at the cons of AI content writing. 

Black And White

As AI content writing is written by a machine it is very binary, and it often misses the middle area that occurs in most situations.

AI content writing can say what is good and what is bad, but it struggles to find the middle ground between the two. 

Lacks That Human Feel

Finally, AI content writing often misses that human feel which regular content has. It can feel a bit robotic, which isn’t always ideal if you are using this content for your blog.

However, this can be rectified in the editing stage.

Final Thoughts

In short, AI content writing is an excellent technology to use if you have to produce a large amount of content, but only have limited time.

However, we would always recommend editing any AI generated content before you publish it on your site as this ensures it still has that human feel. 

Thank you for reading!

Ollie Wilson

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