20 Best Premade Blogger Templates

Gone are the days where you had to put up with boring blogger templates. Remember the early to mid 00s? Exactly that. 

Once upon a time you had to either know CSS to be creative, or put up with a basic blog page. Nowadays? Well, you have plenty of choices to make your blog unique – all without knowing a single bit of coding.

20 Best Premade Blogger Templates

Blog templates are everywhere. While you can use the limited few direct from something like WordPress, many people design and sell them.

In this article we shall take a look at 20 of the best premade blogger templates. From cute pink, to photo heavy themes, we have got you covered. 

Just a side note: we have made sure to feature responsive templates that look good on all devices!

1. Honey Glow

Honey Glow is a fun theme that has a feminine touch, perfect for lifestyle and beauty bloggers. It also works well for an ecommerce store, too.

While the main overall look is pink, you can customize its color to remove the pink. This means that if you like the way this template looks, you can change the colors to suit your creative brand.

The template is easy to use as well. Due to it being laid out in Gutenberg blocks, you can change the order of the layout. This is a great way to make your blog standout from other Honey Glow users.

It is a modern theme that suits those who love design, fonts and social media. 

Can be used for: WordPress

2. Coffee And Sundays

If the name doesn’t already do it for you, the template most certainly will. The Coffee and Sundays template plays on the typical blog format. 

However, it looks beautiful with its stylish header font, white space and subtle colors. This makes it great for lifestyle blogs who want to showcase aesthetically pleasing neutral colored photos with text. 

You can customize the colors of the headers, links and menu. Other than that it is just a pleasing on the eye simple template for those who do not want too much fuss. 

Can be used for: WordPress

3. Guinevere

Guinevere is a great blog template for those who want versatility. Not only can you create 4 different layouts (using Gutenberg for extra customization), but you can also add WooCommerce too.

There are also many opportunities to use widgets to customize each page further, as well as the option to add various plugins.

The one thing it does lack is color customization, but the color itself is neutral that it will suit any blog. Also, it is a template that will suit those who want to fill it with gorgeous photos, and this is what will add all of the color. 

One example is the highlighted posts on the homepage. It gives the overall look of the blog a professional feel. 

Can be used for: WordPress

4. The Bohemian Aesthetic

While The Bohemian Aesthetic might have a simple feel to it, it is anything but boring. It plays on the boho style, using neutral colors and simplicity at its core. 

You can give your blog a website feel using the various widgets. For example, you can use pictures as highlighted menu widgets. You can also have a short ‘about me’ right at the top of the blog instead of in the sidebar. 

While you cannot change the color of the blog, the neutral aspect of it gives the blog its overall bohemian feel. 

It’s a great blog layout for those who want to create a cool looking blog alongside a website feel. It also allows you to showcase your latest pictures from Instagram too. 

Can be used for: WordPress

5. Kylee More

If you are looking for a minimal blog template, then the Kylee More is it. Not only will it look professional, but also elegant too. 

The template allows for customization, from the colors all the way to category pages. You can even have a page dedicated to your Instagram without it looking terrible.

The sliding widget on the homepage can showcase your pages and posts that you want to highlight. Underneath that you can also add a mailing list widget. 

While this one can be used as a personal blog, it is also a great template for those who want to showcase their side hustle too. 

It is also super easy to use for the user as well. This means you will have the confidence that anyone who visits the website will enjoy their experience. 

Can be used for: WordPress

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6. Hello Emery

Hello Emery uses the basis of a blog while letting you highlight posts in a sliding widget at the top. This means you can keep posting blog posts, while readers can see highlighted pages as soon as they click on your blog.

This is a great way to keep featured posts right at the top for all to see, without the need to scroll down the page. 

It is a clean template that is modern and fresh. It uses subtle colors to highlight headers and so on. You can also change the color to match your blog’s aesthetic. 

There is an option to add an Instagram slider to showcase your latest posts. Also, it has been SEO optimized to ensure you can blog and work as a business. 

Can be used for: WordPress

7. Darling

If you use Blogspot, then the Darling template will turn that simple blog of yours into something amazing. Featuring heavily on photos, this template allows you to showcase a big picture on the homepage due to it having a grid layout.

Don’t worry about resizing those images either, as the layout will do this automatically for you. It is fully customizable. You can change the header and logo image, as well as the menu. 

There is no sidebar option however. The pages are all single posts. This means it will look the same on any device, however. 

There is also the option for an Instagram widget on the footer so you can showcase your latest posts. 

Can be used for: Blogspot

8. Valentina

Valentina is an ultra feminine blog template that has a beautiful header text. It has what it calls the ‘blush crush’ branding pack. This includes particular colors and fonts – think golds, silvers and pinks.

While it would suit a lifestyle or beauty blog, it would also work perfectly for those who want to blog about weddings too. 

It includes a featured post slider, as well as social media icons, an Instagram footer, and it is WooCommerce enabled. 

It looks pretty without being sickly, and has a professional tone for many different types of blogs.

Can be used for: WordPress

9. Pinch Of Salt

This blog template is aimed at those who want to talk about food, though there is no reason as to why another blogger could not use it.

It is picture heavy on the homepage, making it perfect to showcase imagery. You can do this by using the featured posts slider, as well as the Instagram widget.

There are many layout options to choose from, making it super customizable. There is also a page that can be used for a podcast too.

Not only that, it is ecommerce enabled, so you can add in an online store. 

Can be used for: WordPress

10. The Camille

If you want a blog that looks more like an online magazine, then The Camille is a great option. You can change the overall look of the blog, and also use the WooCommerce plugin to create an online store.

It is fully customizable, from the colors all the way to how social media is shown on each page. You can also decide whether you want sidebars or single pages when it comes to posts too.

This template option is great for those who want to take their blog to the next level. It is suitable for any type of blog too. 

Can be used for: WordPress

11. Jellybean

Jellybean is a cute and colorful layout that has been created with newbies in mind. While it looks professional, it just means that those who have no clue on how to build a blog will find it easy to use. 

This is because it uses a drag and drop tool to create the homepage. You can also have a simple blog layout too, which will use the aesthetics of the blog as its overall design. 

It includes a slider on the homepage, as well as a choice of 50 Google fonts to choose from. You can also use many different widgets, from social media to a featured item widget. 

For those who want a cool and attractive theme, then this is for you!

Can be used for: WordPress

12. Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea is a toned down version of Jellybean (see above). It uses cute pastel colors and Gutenberg blocks for easy customization. 

Speaking of customization, you can do a lot with this blog. Not only can you change the layout, but you can choose what fonts to use, colors, and whether you would like a background pattern.

There is also the option to use the WooCommerce plugin too, meaning you can add in an online store. 

Not only that, the template is translation ready too!

Can be used for: WordPress

20 Best Premade Blogger Templates (1)

13. Juniper

Juniper has a classic blog look about it that has been mixed with a modern theme. Basically, it is timeless. 

There are 4 different templates to choose from which all have the same classic/modern look about them. However, you have the option of changing the colors as well as the fonts.

It is easy to use too because you can customize the layout using Gutenberg blocks. Also, it is compatible with WooCommerce. This blog would make a great online store!

Can be used for: WordPress

14. Camila

The Camila is a clean style blog that features a sticky menu and a large homepage featured image. Underneath you will find some more featured images, and then the blog posts.

You can add a background to act as a border to the blog. This can give it extra character. There is also the option to change the colors, but not the fonts. 

There is also the option to integrate social media, as well as add in a newsletter subscribe button, and so on. 

It offers a lot of customization, as well as clean lines and space. 

Can be used for: Blogspot

15. Alpaca

Alpaca is a theme that looks like it is hovering over a background. It has a retro feel about it (think MySpace), but this makes the background customization possibilities interesting.

There are a number of widgets to add such as a drop down menu, social media icons, a profile section, and so on.

While the overall style customization options do lack, it is a great choice for those who do not want to change it too much. 

However, there are plenty of things to add to the blog in general to make it a place where you can include everything that you need to. 

Can be used for: Blogspot

16. Zine Queen

Zine Queen is a fun ‘block-y’ theme that takes the zine trend to the next level. It uses colorful patterns and borders. However, it never looks tacky or over the top.

It is easy to use and customize due to having the ability to use Gutenberg blocks. This means you can fully customize how it looks compared to someone else who uses the same theme.

It also has the option to be used as an ecommerce site too, alongside a fun looking blog. 

While the blog might only suit a particular niche (feminine and young), there is no reason why you cannot try it elsewhere. Have fun with the layout and color options. 

Can be used for: WordPress

17. Magnolia

This is a fun theme with a clean look. It uses a featured post widget at the top of the homepage which has the header text overlapping the image.

When it comes to the blog posts themselves, each image and text on the homepage swaps places. For example, one post might have the image on the left and the text on the right. The next blog post on the homepage has the image on the right and the text on the left.

It keeps the characteristics of the blog design, but makes it more fun!

It has an overall look similar to that of magazine design, making it a great template for lifestyle and beauty bloggers.

Not as customizable as some, but a professional looking design with lots of options. 

Can be used for: Blogspot

18. Destiny

Destiny is a professional looking blog that can be used by those who are looking to emphasize their photography or illustrations. 

It includes a big picture slider on the homepage which links to featured posts. The menu pops down (in a drop down style) from the side of the page instead of being on the homepage itself. 

Even the footer includes a wonderful collection of images that link to various posts or social media. It has a wonderfully clean look that will let the images do most of the talking. 

Can be used for: Blogspot

19. A La Mode

A La Mode is similar to Kylee More, except it uses different fonts and includes areas such as a featured post menu header. It uses small images which look attractive on the homepage.

There are options to fully customize the template, from changing the colors and font, to adding sidebar widgets and backgrounds.

You can also use WooCommerce alongside this blog if necessary. 

In the usual blog style, you can scroll to read the latest posts, but you can also add in a side column to place your ‘about me’ and other widgets such as menus, social media and so on. 

Can be used for: WordPress

20. The Influencer

If you are looking for a fun and colorful layout, then The Influencer is it. Targeted at wannabe influencers (hence the name), it has been created to make the blogger stand out. 

It has also been optimized for those who want their content to speak out loud among other influencers.

The colors might seem garish at first, but you can change them to suit your own needs. There is also the option for a featured posts slider, as well as a fully customized header.

It is fully customizable, meaning you can change the fonts, menus, widgets on the sidebar, and so on. There is also the option for an Instagram slider too. 

Can be used for: WordPress

Final Thoughts

And there you have it! 

Hopefully you have found a blogger template to suit your needs. You will notice that there are so many different designs to choose from. Just make sure that you pick one that will work well for the content you have, and the message you are trying to portray.

Other than that, enjoy the journey. Blogging is supposed to be fun!

Ollie Wilson