How To Remove Powered By Shopify

If you’re looking for a platform in which to develop your e-commerce website, you can’t go wrong with Shopify. However, a lot of people don’t want to have a ‘Powered By Shopify’ tagline in the footer of their website.

If you don’t want the ‘Powered by Shopify’ tagline in the footer of your website then we’ll tell you how you can remove it.

How To Remove Powered By Shopify

Removing this tagline is pretty easy, and depending on the theme of your website, your technical know-how, and your preferences the steps will be slightly different.

We will be telling you how to remove the tagline using the ‘debut’ theme, but if you’re using other themes, you should still be able to use the same steps. Let’s get into it!

Is It Possible To Remove Powered By Shopify? Should I Remove It?

Yes, it is! Whether you want the ‘Powered By Shopify’ tagline in the footer of your website is entirely up to you, but there are some legitimate reasons why you may not want the ‘Powered By Shopify’ tagline.

Firstly, it might make your customers confused if they see a brand on your website that you don’t own.

Or you may want to just use the footer to promote your own brand, rather than Shopify. To that end, you may just not like the aesthetics of this ‘Powered by Shopify’ tagline.

This is a valid reason to remove it as one study conducted by Consumer Reports found that customers paid more attention to the aesthetics of a website rather than the content.

Before customers buy anything from your website, they are likely to check how trustworthy your site is so they’ll check your social media accounts. But in doing so they may see a link that says ‘Powered by Shopify.’

This tells your customers that your processes are not fulfilled by you and they may be able to find the product at a lower price elsewhere. This is a good reason to remove the ‘Powered by Shopify’ tagline.

Removing Powered By Shopify With The Edit Code

Step 1: Online Store > Themes > Actions > Edit Code

First, log in to your store admin. Once you’ve logged in to your Shopify admin dashboard go to Themes and choose the theme you wish to edit. You’ll see a drop-down Actions, and you will then need to click ‘Edit Code.’

Step 2: Sections > footer.liquid

Now you can open the Sections folder where you can find the ‘footer.liquid’ file. The coding will open up on the right of the screen.

Step 3: Ctrl + F > Search powered_by_link

Open up the code search box. Mac users need to press Command and F simultaneously. If you use a PC then press Ctrl and F. When using the Debut theme there are three ‘powered_by_link’ locations.

Step 4: Delete {{powered_by_link}}

You will need to delete this code: {{ powered_by_link }}.

There might be multiple instances of this bracketed code depending on the theme. For example, if you use a non-sectioned theme, this code might be slightly different but will still include {{ powered_by_link }}.

Step 5: Click Save

When you’ve deleted the three pieces of code click ‘Save’ in the upper right corner of the screen. You have now successfully removed the Powered by Shopify footer from your website.

Remember, if you decide to alter your Shopify theme then you will have to start the process over again. This is because these changes are only applicable to the theme you’ve selected.

How To Remove Powered By Shopify

Removing Powered By Shopify With The Edit Language

If the above method is unsuccessful, then you can try this method instead. Rather than clicking ‘Edit code,’ click ‘Edit languages’ instead.

Step 1: Online Store > Themes > Actions > Edit Languages

Like the previous method, go to your Shopify Dashboard. On the left of the sidebar, click Online stores, and then the Themes icon. You will then see the page where your active theme is and a drop-down menu with the Edit Languages option.

Step 2: Type ‘Powered’ In To The Filter Box

You should see the faded Powered By Shopify placeholder text below the Check-out & systems/ Links or General/Password Page sections. You just need to press space and the faded text will vanish. You need to follow the same steps in the HTML search bar.

Step 3: Click Save

Scroll to the top right of the screen and click ‘Save’ to save your changes. And you’ve done it! You’ve now deleted the Powered by Shopify footer from the check-out and password pages.

Removing Powered By Shopify Using The Mobile App

E-commerce store owners usually use PCs or laptops to customize their site. However as mobile devices continue to grow in popularity, some e-commerce store owners prefer to use their mobiles to operate their stores.

If you are one of those e-commerce store owners then let’s take a look at how you remove the Powered by Shopify footer using iOS or Android devices.

First, go to the Shopify dashboard. Then once you’re on the Sales channels go to Online Store > Themes.

Next, select the theme you wish to edit and then click Actions > Edit Languages. Search for ‘powered’ in the Filter box, and in the Powered by Shopify box, put a single space. Now, click ‘Save.’

You have now successfully deleted the Powered by Shopify link from your website!

Final Thoughts

While most people prefer to have the Powered By Shopify tagline at the footer of their website, the truth is it will not hurt your website to remove it if you wish. Hopefully our article has shown you just how easy it is!

Ollie Wilson