Top 20 Free Valentines Day Fonts

20 Free Valentines day fonts with links to download sites!Top 20 free Valentines fonts – well lets call it our 20 F A V O R I T E Valentine’s day fonts just to play fair! If your looking for some cute fonts for Valentines day – these are our top picks (and I see A LOT of fonts). You can find the links to the download sites for all the free Valentines fonts below the image. Use the free fonts to make Valentine’s day cards, Valentine’s day printables, love notes, scrapbook pages, little quotes, Valentine’s day recipe cards, and the list goes on! There is just something about fonts, like a grown up collection of toys only these are the non-tangible version – makes me smile when I see them all lined up in a row so perfect and cute. What a dork, I know but I do love them! And the creative options – endless!

As you can see I couldn’t help myself I had to go into OCD mode and create a super cute Valentine’s font list with whats that- oh a ‘lil part of my favorite bible verse! You know the Love is Patient, Love is kind – it is Valentine’s day after all so it’s a perfect fit the way I see it! Hope you like our list and get to enjoy a few of the fonts! We would love to hear what you make with them/use them for!

top-20-valentines-fonts-legand20 Free Valentines Day Fonts - With links to download sites!

1. True Stories    2. Words of Love    3. DJB Jacked Up Kind of Luv    4. Lovers Quarrel    5. Loverboy    6. Fiolex Girls    7. Heartland    8. Always Here    9. Jellyka – Love and Passion    10. KR Scribble Heart    11. I Love What You Do    12. Freebooter Script    13. Emilys Candy    14. Clicker Script    15. Cookie Monster    16. Herr Von Muellllerhoff    17. KB Bonjour Sweetheart    18. Paris in Love    19. Love Letters    20. Lavanderia Regular

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How to Activate and Install Jetpack on

Today we wanted to quickly go over how to install Jetpack on and by install we mean connect Jetpack to your so that you can start using all of Jetpacks features! If you are not familiar with Jetpack, Jetpack is an awesome plugin that can be used on the WordPress platform and it offers so many great features such as built in comment forms on posts and pages with just the click of a button you can add a contact form, rss subscriptions- let your readers subscribe to posts and/or comments, site stats, auto post to your favorite social sites, show social share buttons under each post, and much more!

So lets get started! The 1st thing you want to do in order to install Jetpack on WordPress is make sure you have the plug-in to use. If you see “jetpack” in your list of plug-ins, or if you see it as an option in your dashboard than you are all set to get it up and running go ahead and skip down to step 1 below. If you do not see Jetpack under your plugins, you will need to install it – here’s how:


Now that you have Jetpack available for use, lets get it connected. Be sure you click “activate” under the plugin on your Plugins page then follow the steps below to connect Jetpack and WordPress.

Step 1: From your Plugins page or Jetpack page you will see a notice banner floating at the top of the page. Click the connect to button to get started. (if you do not see this banner go to your plugins page and under Jetpack click “activate”.


Step 2: If you don’t already have an account on you will need to create one so just click on the “need an account” link. Please note: (free) and (self-hosted) are different you can not use your account info for one on the other you will need to set up an account, it’s

Step 3: Enter your info and create a username and password. be sure your email address is correct as this is how you will activate your account. After this step you must check your email and activate your account before moving on! how-to-set-up-jetpack-on-wordpress-3

Step 4: An email should of been sent to you to activate your account. You must activate your account before moving on. Once you activate then head back over to your plugins page or Jetpack page (either can be accessed in your dashboard) and again click on “Connect to”how-to-set-up-jetpack-on-wordpress-4

Step 5: Now enter the username and password you just created and click “Authorize Jetpack”how-to-set-up-jetpack-on-wordpress-5

You should now see a screen similar to the one below! This is where you can access and activate all the Jetpack features. There are quite a few so I suggest trying out the ones you think you will like. If you find that you don’t like one after all simply deactivate it.