How to Use Backgrounds w/Template Designer

So, I have had a few people ask me how to use my free blog backgrounds with Bloggers new Template Designer and I am happy to say I finally took the time to sit down and figure it all out so that you can enjoy the new Template Designer and still enjoy my free blog backgrounds. Before Bloggers release of the Template Designer adding a free blog background was pretty easy- you would chose the Minima style template and then you could use either the 2 or 3 column free backgrounds and all you had to do was enter the code into an html/java widget. Well with Blogger’s  new Template Designer it is a bit similar but you might have to take a few extra steps in order to use the free blog backgrounds, don’t worry it will still be quite easy and I will walk you through all the steps.

Here is how to use my free blog backgrounds with the new Blogger Template Designer:

1) From my free backgrounds page choose a 3 column background and copy the entire code. (Very important: you must choose a 3 column background 2 column backgrounds are too small you can still have a 2 column blog- the width can be adjusted to fit 2 and 3 column blogs! As long as you choose a 3 column background from my free background section both 2 and 3 column blogs will fit)

2) Now from your blog click “Design” in the upper right hand corner

3) Next, click on the “Template Designer” tab, this will bring you directly to “Templates”

4)Click on the “Picture Window” template. (The white one will work best!) Then click the orange “Apply to Blog” button

4) Now simply install the code for the free background you chose. Do this just as you would before:

From “Page Layout” click “add widget” then choose “java/html” enter the code you copied, click save and you are all set!

Now you may want to know how to:

Choose how many columns you want your blog to have

Fix the width if your blog so it fits perfectly inside the mid section of the background

Get rid of that annoying white/grey portion of the blog you may see if you choose a background with a colored mid-section

Template Designer Troubleshooting
Q: Can I switch the number of columns my blog has?
A: Yes, definetly and it’s VERY easy. Read the tutorial here on how to change the # of columns your blog has when using the Blogger Template Designer.
Q: My blog hangs off the edges of the background what do I do?
A: You will need to adjust the width; this is VERY easy with the Blogger template designer. Read the tutorial here.
Q: I followed the directions above but my blog has a white color on the mid background section that is covering the free blog background I chose, can I get rid of it?
A: Yes, you can remove this, read how. This will only show up on blog backgrounds that have a colored middle section. If you chose a blog background with a white center section this should not be a problem as long as you stay within a width of about 960px.
Q: I chose a blog background with a white center section but there is a grey bar at the bottom of my blog that I want to remove, how do I get rid of it?
A: This is actually part of the code of the “Picture Window” template and it can easily be removed. View the tutorial here (Towards bottom of page)


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