How to Remove Numbers From Facebook Business Page Url

If you have created a Facebook business page you may notice a long string of numbers attached to the end of your Facebook fan page url. Most of us would like a nice clean, custom Facebook page address that is easy to remember and these attached numbers don’t really do us any good! So how do you remove numbers from Facebook business page url? It’s actually a very easy process!

When you first set up your Facebook page you will give it a name and that name will be attached to the Facebook url before the string of numbers. So for example when I first set up my Facebook page it looked similar to this:

Ultimately, I wanted it to look like this:

In order to remove numbers from Facebook business page url, I simply had to follow a few small steps and my Facebook url was then just my page name without the long string numbers.

If you would like to remove numbers from Facebook business page url follow the steps below:

1) You must have at least 25 likes in order to change your Facebook url to just your page name and to remove the string of numbers!

2) Once you have at least 25 likes log in to your Facebook account under your profile NOT your page

3) Go to:

4) Select the Page you would like to the edit the url for and then choose a username (the name you would like at the end of your url) See below.

How to remove the extra numbers on my facebook  business page

5) Click “Check Availability”

If your name is available you are all set! You can now enjoy your new Facebook url without the extra annoying numbers at the end!

A few things to note:

  • Your readers will be re-directed to the new url so if you have links set up with the old Facebook page url that had the numbers at the end those links will still work they will just redirect to the new Facebook page url!
  • Your name may not be available, if it is not available just keep trying until you get a name you like that is available!
  • You can only change your name one time once it is set so be VERY careful when choosing a name!
  • Check your spelling before you submit- again you can only change your Facebook username one time!
  • Again, you must have at least 25 likes to remove the numbers off or your Facebook url to make it more custom!

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