How to Leave Sidebar Titles Blank in Blogger

So over the last few days I have had a lot of people contact me asking why they can’t leave the sidebar title’s blank anymore for Gadgets in Blogger? I too was quite surprised last week when I signed in to add a html/java widget that I did not want a title for and it would not let me add it to my sidebar unless it had a title. I never needed a title for my sidebar gadgets before so why now? Well, I can’t tell you why Blogger changed the rules so that you have to add a title to your sidebar widgets if you don’t want a title for your sidebar widgets but I do know how to post your sidebar widgets without adding a title.

Here is the trick:

Right now when you try to add a widget to your sidebar without a title you see this

 Now in order to add the sidebar widget without a title all you need to do is add this code in the title box:

So it will now look like this:

Hit save and you are all set- you have you widget in your Blogger sidebar with no title!

This also applies to Blogger blog posts, you can no longer leave the title blank so use the same code in the post title and you will be able to publish your post with no title!

Hope that helps, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!


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    I was just stopping by to thank you for following me and I found your post that I was SO glad to find. I’m so glad I found you and all because you were kind enough to follow me! New avid follower!

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    Hi Emily,

    Your Blog Is Looking Awesome !

    The required field for gadgets was a bit of a mess up on Bloggers behalf.They say they will have it changed back soon.

    Another option is to add some parsed code as the title, like this :  

    Have a great week 😀


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    Emily. I love you! In a bloggy kinda way. :)

    I have no idea what the Blogger folks did either here recently but it’s been about to make me insane because you can’t even edit existing sidebar items without it wanting you to now add a title!! I was searching for a solution and landed here. THANKS SO MUCH!!!!

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