How To Install Free Templates On New Blogger Interface

With Blogger switching to the new interface they have removed the “upload” option which was how most would upload new, custom blog templates. You CAN still upload custom blog templates to Blogger and it is actually very easy!

If you are looking to upload one of our custom premade blog templates or one of our free templates/ premade blog designs on the new Blogger interface follow the instructions below:

1)Find the template you would like to install. You can view our free blog templates here!

2) Download the template by clicking on the download link. Once you have decided on a custom blog template/premade design you will need to download the template link. Free template download links are found on the page of the design.

How To Upload Premade Blogger Templates

3) Click “Download” in the upper right hand corner.

How To Upload Premade Blog Designs

4) Save the file. Next a box will pop up asking you what you would like to do with the file. Click Save File and then press ok.

How To Upload Premade Blog Templates

5) Next you will go to the template page of your blog. If you click design in the upper right hand corner it will bring you directly to this page. On this page find “backup/restore” in the upper right hand corner and click that button.

6) Click Browse” to locate the custom template file you downloaded in step #1 once you find it click on it and then hit “ok”

Click “View Blog” to view your new design!

In addition to our free blog templates we also have a really cute variety of premade blog templates starting at just $10.00check them out here!

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