$10.00 Blog Templates – Terms of Use

$10.00 Pre made templates are different than custom design in that they are not one of a kind. They are sold multiple times to multiple clients. This means that you may run across another blog with the same design as you.


Template Code

The code and code link are only to be used by the client who purchased the template. The code and or code link are not to be shared or redistributed for any reason.



All designs are sold as is, we will not make revisions to the design of the templates. We are able to offer the templates for a great price due to the fact that they are sold as is.



We ask that you do not change or alter any of the images used in your design: Header, background, or any other elements without written request. Your design has our name attached to it and as soon as it is altered it no longer becomes our design which becomes misleading to other clients.



We do not install $10.00 templates, we will send you instructions on to install the template onto your blog. If you would like us to install the template we can do so for a small fee if you contact us. We will not be responsible for any lost widgets or complications during upload process. Please back up your old template should you encounter and problems.



For all templates payment is due in full upon ordering. You will be directed to Paypal to make your full payment. If payment is not received your order will not be processed. Blogaholic Designs does not offer refunds on any pre made templates for any reason.



All designs will be installed with our logo/link. These links must remain in place until the design is removed from your blog. All images are copyright Blogaholic Designs and can not be altered or used for any other purposes including but not limited to Facebook badges, Twitter profile pics, logo’s, etc… these items must be purchased for an additional fee.