Dear Photobucket: Please Pull It Together!

If you are seeing the not so beautiful Photobucket image where you use to have a cute blog button or background please forgive us! If you received this image that means you either grabbed one of our blog freebies over 2 years ago before we switched over image hosting OR you have one of our “I Love Comments”  blog buttons which were still being hosted on Photobucket!

Photobucket for background hosting? Um, no!

The issue is suppose to be resolved soon but if not you can grab the new code below

(don’t worry the new code has all images self hosted, meaning we pay to have them hosted so you will never have a problem again)!

Please go grab the new code for your blog freebies, who knows- you may find something new you like even better! Just in case you want to know the full details of the Photobucket mess you can read the full story read below.


Free blog backgrounds


Free blog buttons ( I Love Comments)


As many of you may remember a few years back we wrote this post on finding a new hosting provider. At the time we primarily used Photobucket but we were just starting out with blog freebies and we noticed some of the other blogs that offered blog freebies were exceeding bandwidth on Photobucket and being forced to pay for a pro account so they up and left. We wanted to avoid that problem so we went elsewhere to host our blog freebies as well.


We did however, leave up our images for backgrounds and some buttons that we had in Photobucket account so that bloggers who had already been using our blog freebies would not have an interruption of service. For the 1st year we even went with their upgraded Photobucket pro account just in case. But after that year we didn’t renew because we were no where near our bandwidth limit.


Apparently, after all these years the blogs that do run off of those Photobucket hosted background images have built up quite an audience because we got a notice yesterday letting us know we were near our bandwidth limit.


I won’t bore you with bandwidth details but pretty much if a blogger uses a free blog background, for example, that background image pulls from a hosting source (Photobucket in this case) the more a blog/website is viewed the more it pulls from the host  and the more bandwidth is taken up. So pretty much if a website is viewed 1000 times a day that image is pulled 1000 times a day and that takes up bandwidth. We figured all these years later most bloggers would be working off of our new background code since we put it up so long ago but that didn’t quite happen.

This all would have been no big deal, we could of upgraded and no ones images would of been replaced with the Photobucket bandwidth image but the only problem is Photobucket told us YESTERDAY that we were getting close. This was the image in our email:

Photobucket Bandwidth Notice Email

So we figured we had at least a day or 2 to get images deleted and see if we needed to upgrade but apparently the sites that use these backgrounds went viral overnight and used up all that remaining bandwidth in less than 24hr because this is what we got this morning!

Photobucket bandwidth exceeded image

WOOOOW!!!! That was sure a lot of bandwidth to fill up in less than 24 hours, hmmmm!

So fine, upgrade to Pro and images will be restored right? WRONG! It has now been almost 8 hours and NONE of our images have been restored! How long does it normally take to restore Photobucket images after upgrading to a pro account due to bandwidth exceeded? Well, after researching, we found it can take up to 6. Once again, we are now over 8 and no images.


So we put in a support ticket, or 2- I mean come on we have all of you lovely bloggers waiting for your images to be restored so pull it together Photobucket!!!!!


Then I come across this in a Photobucket news update today:


We are currently experiencing technical issues with one of our servers.

This is resulting in “Bandwidth Exceeded” message for a portion of our Plus users, or those going Plus. Instead of the unlimited bandwidth that Plus users are supposed to have, Plus users are finding that they continue to see the “Bandwidth Exceeded” image served in place of their actual linked out image.

To those affected, we sincerely apologize. We appreciate your patience and don’t want you to feel…bamboozled. We are working on this issue right now. 

We’ll update this article as soon as this issue has been resolved. To those who wrote in to our help desk, we will respond to your tickets as soon as your accounts are functioning properly.

Again, we know how frustrating this can be and apologize for the inconvenience.


I get it, servers go down, it happens. But this on top of the VERY short notice, on top of some other issues we have recently had with the new Photobucket interface. Beginning to lose my faith in this site that I once thought was oh so wonderful!!! I really do love how easy it is to grab the links for images, and we do have clients use Photobucket to store their custom images and they have never had problems. We know for our needs we can’t use Photobucket and we haven’t in over 2 years for storage of our blog freebies just because we have reached a point where we know we need a great deal of bandwidth. But just in case you are in the market for storing a great amount of items, items that will be hotlinked, or storing blog backgrounds – let this be a warning ! Look elsewhere to avoid a great deal of trouble or go pro from the start!!!


Anyways, thats our two cents on Photobucket! Sorry again for any interruption!




  1. says

    Hi Emily,

    I too am haing these lovely photobucket images on my blog where my header is and by background is gone lol and I paid for my design and I was wondering what I need to do to fix this?

    Thanks so much and have a wonderful weekend!

    Kylie X

    • says

      Hi Kylie!

      We have been trying to go through and see which clients still had a few images that had not been moved over to our new image host so thanks for letting me know!

      I sent you an email so we can get it taken care of ASAP!

    • says

      Hi Linda,

      But your custom blog was not done by us, right? Turns out this is happening to everyone with a pro account who has used more than free amount of bandwidth. Even though they pay for unlimited something is wrong with the Photobucket server that takes of the unlimited bandwidth is the way I hear it.

      We host most of our custom clients images on their own Photobucket accounts. We do have a few very old designs still on our Photobucket but we are trying to get those taken care of.

      Your site actually looks good to me. I don’t see any Photobucket images.

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