Latest New Custom Blog Designs

Well with the move and partial re-design I have barely had time to post up any of my new custom blog designs so I wanted to take a quick minute to get some of them added! I was able to work with a lot of great clients on some really fabulous blog designs that I am so excited to share!

We have changed the structure of custom blog design in that we now start out with a base price that includes almost everything you need to transform your blog into a new, beautiful design and then if you want the extras you can add them on! With Blogger custom blog design we did offer packages but this has ended up being an easier process overall, its basically building your own custom blog design package so that you get everything you need! We are still working out our WordPress blog design and website options but you can contact us for an affordable quote.

Also, if you are looking into new custom blog designs for either Blogger or WordPress now is a great time to book a design date as we are having a sale through mid next week. The sale is on both premade Blogger blog templates, WordPress custom blog design, and Blogger custom blog design!

To view more of our custom blog designs please visit our blog design portfolio.

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