Free, Cute Twitter Buttons/ Twitter Badges For Your Blog

Looking for a cute Twitter badge or button to add to your blog? I have been working on a few really cute, unique Twitter buttons and figured I would post the Twitter buttons/ badges I have designed so far. Most Twitter buttons are the same blue with basic writing so I decided to create a few Twitter buttons that you can add to your blog that are a bit more stylish and cute! There may not be a Twitter button that matches the theme/ color of your blog but keep checking back as I am sure I will be designing and posting more soon!

All of my Twitter buttons are free- if you use them I would love if you could link back to my blog in whatever way is convenient for you, not mandatory but would be greatly appreciated. Also if you do add a Twitter button or any of my blog designs leave a link to your blog, I’d love to stop by and check it out!

(Don’t forget to change the Twitter address in the code to your Twitter address so that the button will link to your Twitter account)


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View All Blog Buttons

Later this week I will be posting some more really cute, free blog buttons: Welcome, I love comments, quote buttons, etc… so be sure to check back for those!

Special thanks to element designers: Delicious Scraps and Kari Hentzelt


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    I used one of your buttons .. They are all so cute I had a hard time selecting one.. I’m not sure how to link back but I’ll send a tweet out with your Blog and I’ll try to follow you on here Thank You :)

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    I used a “Follow Me on Twitter Button” and I love it so far. Thank you for your cuteness! :) Here is my blog for you to see if you would like:


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    Hi Emily! thanks for following me from FMBT. I am your 202nd follower. Glad to find your blog and I will use one of the twitter badges above. Thanks for sharing them!

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